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The Good Samaritan Project

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Donate to provide support for those I meet living in the street

All Previous Projects at Tiffany's Recovery Inc. are on hold to make way for The Good Samaritan Project 
TRI's founder Marshall Lane will be living homeless in Massachusetts for one year to address some of the biggest issues plaguing our country. Check him out on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok at Homeless 366
Marshall will be interviewing Homeless, Addicted, and Mentally ill Populations in the street as well as interviewing social service workers, public servants, and politicians. With the information Marshall compiles he will be putting together a documentary and resource guide to help the public and those suffering find ways to improve the current situation. 
While Marshall is out in the street TRI will be helping support those he comes across who could use our help.

We will be offering coaching, access to all of TRI's online resources, helping people get addiction treatment, paying for rides to treatment, paying for supplies and hygiene products, we will be helping find missing people, along with providing other services dependent on our ability and the needs of those we encounter in the street.  
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