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The purpose of Tiffany's Recovery Incorporated is to provide support, information, education, resources, and activities for those in recovery or affected by addiction, especially those who are homeless or destitute due to their addiction. We provide and connect people with the recovery services they need to facilitate healing to the individual, the family, as well as the community.


TRI envisions a world where all people have access to the resources and support needed to facilitate lasting health and happiness.

The Mission

TRI's goal is to partner with community stakeholders, businesses, religious organizations, and other charitable organizations to promote education, relapse prevention support, overdose prevention, and outreach services to support the continuum of care for those suffering with substance use disorders (SUD). TRI supports science- and community-based efforts to combat the opioid crisis. We have developed programs that focus on outreach, education, empowerment, resource sharing, and peer support. 
We strive to connect everyone with services that are tailored to their specific needs as it is not a “one size fits all” approach. We offer free lifetime membership which includes access to upcoming recovery events and activities, resources for treatment, spiritual and peer led outreach, support groups, and community partnership. It is our effort to combat the opioid crisis and support individuals in all stages of recovery. Our goal is to help support individuals in our communities and to offer our model to other states to expand the efforts across the Country. 
The TRI website is open for membership, it connects to all our media platforms, has a calendar that displays upcoming events and activities, offers resources for treatment and aftercare, and connects to TRI program websites. Listed below are programs created to work with faith based and community stake holders in the initiative to heal communities suffering from the addiction crisis. You can learn more about these programs on the program page listed in the task bar.   
  1. The Prison to Prosperity Project connects with those who are formerly incarcerated and offers resources around Reentry and recovery, as well as offering a weekly recovery group for ex-incarcerated men. Prison to Prosperity members do outreach to Detoxes, sober houses, and schools to educate people on the dangers of substance use and crime in efforts to prevent others from making poor decisions. 
  2. The Dharma Outreach Project incorporates practicing Buddhists with lived experience in addiction and mental health. Dharma Outreach facilitators visit shelters, detoxes, and sober homes and educate people on mindfulness practice as well as Buddhist principles that can improve recovery outcomes and the quality of everyday life as well as overall happiness. The goal is to expand and partner with existing Buddhist organizations to provide a strong network of community support, funding, and volunteer work to expand the reach of this project. 
  3. The Book Donation Project is coupled with Outreach Projects. When TRI program facilitators visit Detoxes, shelters, and recovery homes they donate recovery, spiritual, self-help, educational, philosophy, and inspirational books. The plan is to improve on obtaining and distributing these books to those in need. 
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